Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Icing


I was given the best news ever during first period today.  My English teacher pushed back the deadline for the assignment originally due tomorrow, until Thursday.  What does this mean? I have three more days to put it off! More importantly, it means that I will have even more time to cook (well, at least until Wednesday evening).


Somewhere online I discovered today was National Cake Day. Well, this is probably the first you are hearing of this because everyone I informed was not aware of the holiday.  Then again, I feel like there are always “National _______ Days” that no one really knows about.  Sidetrack, on Instagram about a month ago it was National Sister Day…. like, who decides this? Was that a significant day in sisterhood? Does this mean the first cake was “invented” today? Well, I did a bit of research. Apparently, there are such things as national food holidays and almost every day of the year is devoted to a certain kind of food. Here’s the link if you’d like to read up about this insignificant topic:


So, back on track. After school Gracie and I decided we would attempt at being somewhat productive by cooking and doing homework.  Novel idea, right? Well, I quickly searched for a recipe so we could go pick up the necessary ingredients before we got back to my house. We headed to good ole Weavers Way to pick up the bananas I need for the recipe I decided on: Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Half way into the store I realized I only had $3 on me.  Gracie and I stood near the bananas for a good five minutes trying to figure out how much four bananas would cost.  Once at the register, the man rang up the bananas and it came to a total of $1.37. Wait whaaaattttt? $1.37?! I had no clue that bananas were so cheap! So there you have it, my big and exciting “wow” moment of the day.  Btw, most likely you haven’t listened to this song in awhile and there has never been a more appropriate time to listen. Click on this click to relive the glory days. (the relevant part of the song comes on around 2:30) Enjoy!


Anyways, we got home, pulled out our homework, and surprisingly I get through an entire assignment of history notes.  As a reward, I decided it was time to bake my banana cake.  The recipe was quite simple I must say.  The only minor roadblock I had was how to mash the bananas.  I first thought about putting them in the blender, bet then vetoed that idea because the blender is a pain in the butt to clean.  Then I thought about using my hands but realized my hands would get cold and mushy and I would probably just end up having way too much fun with it.  My last idea was to rummage through the cabinets to try and find something that would get the job done.  The first thing that caught my eye was an unidentified tool, which I later found out, was a meat masher. As odd as I may have looked smashing the bananas with the meat masher, it worked.  I wasn’t quite sure of the consistency the bananas needed to be, but they turned out a little chunky. Not sure if that was right, but I don’t think it made a difference. 



I also discovered PAM! This cool non-stick substance that you put on the pan before you pour the cake batter in. I thought a selfie was the perfect way to capture my excitement.


I told myself that all of my homework had to be done until I had a piece of cake.  This was the perfect motivation. I got all of my work done (except for a chapter analysis for the awful book I’m reading in English) and had a piece of cake.  I plan on bringing the rest of the cake to school tomorrow and giving a piece to everyone who had to listen to me describe my blogging passion today. 


So, the outcome. The cake came out very flat. I’m not sure if I added enough baking powder, but it was literally an inch high. I made the cream cheese icing which was superb (if I have to say so myself).  The cake itself was pretty good too actually. It was not at all what I had expected, but I’m always up for a surprise.  I envisioned the cake being light and fluffy but it was very dense.  I still enjoyed it, especially because I have a strange addiction to bananas.

 Image  ImageImage

I am crossing my fingers that we have school off tomorrow because it is going to snow.  If that is the case, I will be eating the rest of the banana cake all by myself.  If we have a two-hour delay I will be satisfied because I will have time to make the chocolate banana smoothie I’ve been dying to do.  But, the more likely case, I will not have a delay or a cancellation, therefore I should plan on eating my cake and banana chocolate smoothie after school.


I should go… time to turn my pajamas inside out. Incase you didn’t have a childhood, wearing your pajamas inside out is suppose to conjure a snow day.  So go do it now!


~ Sweet Senioritis


This is where I got the recipe from:


About Sweet Senioritis

I'm a senior in high school who just finished applying to college. Soccer season is over and I've seemed to have a large amount of spare time after school, which is why I started cooking. Until recently, I have not been able to boil water, and I figured I'm going to need to be able to cook for myself later in life. I've also been known to procrastinate and senior itis is really starting to kick in. I figured, why not be productive while procrastinating? So this is exactly what has brought me to take on this new hobby. My goal is to make one new item each day. I'm not sure how realistic this is, but why not set high goals, right? A little background on me. I have a younger sister in 8th grade, Jessica, who I live with in Philadelphia along with my mom, Carol, and dad, Kenn. I've grown up eating organic food and shopping at a local cooperative, Weavers Way. Because of my parents love for culinary arts and exploring different items that pop up at the grocery store, I have been exposed and accustomed to a wide variety of food. I like pretty much everything and I have very few limitations. Lately, my parents have been very busy with work and usually come home late which often leaves me to figure out dinner for Jessica and I. This usually turns into take out from the local Japanese restaurant, but $18 for my usual Kani kamakazi roll is a little insane, and lets be honest, sushi gets tiring after a while. I hope to find recipes, and maybe even create recipes, that are simple enough for the average amateur chef, but also organic and tasty. Cooking is also a way for me to simmer down. With everything else going on in my life, the stress, the schoolwork, my parents, cooking enables me to relax. So here you go, the life of a senior struggling to get through the last year of high school, while trying to balance the pressure of acceptance letters, living up to expectations, and keeping a sane even temperament. Hope you enjoy :)

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